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I've Got Blisters On My Fingers! Get Help!

                     Got Blisters

Lately, Ringo Starr isn't the only drummer around yelling out,

"I've Got Blisters On My Fingers!"

All over the web in chat rooms, discussion groups, drum forums and
the like, fellow drummers have been constantly asking for help and 
advice on the blisters on their fingers and other drumming ailments.

Solutions are kindly offered from well meaning colleagues ranging from tape, drumming gloves, buckets of ice etc. The answer to the blister problem is more likely than not a technique problem. Allowing the drumstick to slip in the fingers causing friction on the skin thus leading to Blisters. Simple as that!
Just as simple is the solution to the blister problem. The Pinch Pal®!  Designed to prevent the drumstick from slipping, The Pinch Pal® allows the drummer to memorize the pinch pressure and fulcrum point  needed for effortless finger control technique.

Once you have mastered finger control and fulcrum point, the sky
is the limit on how good your technique can get. Not to mention
no more pain from blisters!. 

Practice with the Pinch Pal® in place and see your speed,
stamina and overall chops improve while fatigue, problem blisters 
and pain disappear.


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