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      Fulcrum Point

       Utilizing fulcrum point is the drummers best friend in preventing blisters on the
       fingers or other painful drumming ailments. Drummers aware of fulcrum point 
       use the weight of a drumstick to do most the work so they can play. 

       Sometimes referred to as the balance point, the fulcrum is the spot on the
       drumsticks where the stick is placed in the fingers. The Fulcrum Point allows
       the drumstick to bounce freely. To find the Fulcrum, all you need to do use
       eighter the "Pinch" or the "Karate" method.

       With the "Pinch" method, place the stick between your forefinger and thumb 
       then allow it to bounce freely.

       pinch method   pinch method 

      The "Kartate" method to find fulcrum point is to hold your hand over your snare
      drum like you are giving it a Karate chop. Balance your drumstick on your pointer
      finger and allow it to bounce freely. 
      The karate Method   karate

      You will notice with the "Pinch" or "Karate" technique the stick held in the middle
      will not bounce and when held too far toward the tip with fall backwards. 

      This spot is generally found 1/3 down the shaft of the drumstick from the butt end.

      Experiment until you find the balance, or fulcrum point on your favorite pair of
      sticks. After you have located the fulcrum point on your sticks you might want to
      mark them with a sharpie, tape or other method to memorize the spot. With your
      "Pinch" on the fulcrum spot of the stick, your remaining finger rest gently on the

      The Pinch Pal's is placed in the space that is created between the thumb and pointer
      finger after the fulcrum point is found. Make sure you stilll allow the stick to bound
      freely with out being choked by the fingers.

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