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Finger Control

It is widely known in the drumming community that finger control is essential to attaining speed, stamina and overall technique on the drums. Finger control, when used in concert with fulcrum point, will allow the drummer to perform for long periods of time with out experiencing muscle tension, blisters, or in worse cases, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. (This links to  

Whether you use the French, German or American grip method or practice the Gladstone, Moeller or "Your Name Here" technique. Good fulcrum point and finger control are a must! Taught for decades, all the great teachers using all the great books have stressed this.

When the proper fulcrum point is being employed, the remaining fingers can be used for support and control of the drumstick. Over time and with practice, you will gain muscle memory of the pinch pressure and finger control feel. After you do this, you will not have problem with the stick slipping in your fingers and your speed and power will increase.

The Pinch Pal is designed to fit in the space created between the thumb and forefinger of the hand when correct fulcrum and finger control is being utilized.  The Pinch Pal will help you memorize the pinch pressure and fulcrum point  needed for effortless finger control technique.

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